Explore. Train. Produce. 

Machine Solutions Process Development Labs (PDL’s) support the manufacturing of medical devices from initial prototype through full production requirements.  Our skilled team works alongside you in a confidential setting to develop sustainable, repeatable processes and provide you with reliable, effective solutions for manufacturability.  These PDL’s are installed with state of the art equipment from our distinctive brands including Beahm Designs, BW-Tec, Crescent Designs, MSI, Plastic Weld Systems, Sebra, SteegerUSA, and Vante, 

Visit to learn about how our equipment capabilities and finishing technologies will enable you to bring your products to market.    

Our 6 PDL’s are located in Flagstaff, AZ, Galway Ireland, Höri Switzerland and Shanghai, China, Spartanburg South Carolina.


Flagstaff, AZ

MSI Balloon Catheter Lab

Designed to create an individualistic, confidential, hands-on, experience, we’ve installed dedicated equipment and specialized engineers to assist you with process development and the right equipment selection for your application. From first article trials to proper tooling and elimination of operator dependency, our experienced engineering team works alongside you to increase repeatability and yield. 

Currently Available for Demonstration: 

  • Balloon Blowing
  • Laser Welding
  • Necking
  • Pleat & Fold
  • Marker Band Swaging
  • Split Die Bonding
MSI & Crescent Design

Flagstaff, AZ

MSI & Crescent Design - Catheter Testing Lab

Schedule a visit to our catheter device testing lab where our capable team of engineers train and enable Medical Device companies to perform: 

  • Hydraulic Burst, Leak (testing and characterization), 
  • Balloon Compliance
  • Feasibility 
  • Performance 
  • Torque (ISO 10555) , 
  • Radial Force 
  • Stent securement testing.  

Höri, Switzerland

We look forward to seeing you at our recently expanded showroom and applications lab.  This 470 square meter space, is installed with a comprehensive line of equipment for catheter balloon production, catheter manufacturing, coating and testing equipment for the medical device industry.  

  • Balloon Folding & Pleating
  • Balloon Forming
  • Catheter Laser Bonding 

Galway, Ireland

Understanding the need for comprehensive training to achieve maximum productivity, this team provides exemplary training and is endorsed by global leaders in the Medical Device industry.

The team works with customers ranging from indigenous start-ups to globally recognized multinationals. Excelling at customer support, this showroom is staffed with factory trained and certified engineers to find the best solution for our customers’ needs and offers complete and tailored training for our wide array of products.


Shanghai, China

To provide local support and training, this comprehensive showroom and service center provides you with access to a breadth of equipment from our leading brands including Beahm Designs Inc, BW Tec, MSI, PlasticWeld Systems, Steeger USA, SEBRA and Vante,  This equipment enables customers to test and manufacture balloon catheters, braided catheters, perform catheter tip forming, lamination and more.


Flagstaff, AZ

Perfect for short or long term contracts the Steeger USA R&D Lab provides access to state-of-the-art equipment and allows you to develop and test processes for your full scale manufacturing.  This lab enables customers to create samples and develop processes on the following equipment: 

  • Braiding
  • Coiling 
  • Stranding 
  • Lamination