Tube Bonding Solutions
Tube Bonding Solutions

Single Source Supplier For All of Your Bonding Applications

Machine Solutions is the one stop shop for tube bonding equipment.  Our machines deliver process stability and repeatability to the application of thermoplastic Balloon Bonding, Overlap Joints and Butt Welds.  We offer a variety of technologies such as laser bonding, RF bonding, hot air machines, and split die bonding (or cartridge heated dies), to address even the most demanding applications.  Our wide range of equipment offerings are industry standard, quality systems often used in both R&D and high volume environments. Designed to reduce cycle times and eliminate secondary operations, these machines are the clear choice for your catheter tube bonding needs.


Our tube bonding experts and service team is here to offer you around the clock support and advise you on the best solution to meet your technical needs and budget.

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  • Hot Air Thermoplastic Tube Bonding
  • Laser Welding
  • Resistive Heat Dies
  • RF Heated Dies
  • Tube Sealers

Hot Air Systems

Hot Boxes are the foundational tool for catheter manufacturing. Our easy-to-use machines allow our customers to achieve maximum performance at a minimal price.   Apply precision heating and delivery using a single or multi-port air nozzle for greater process control, accuracy and repeatability. All models incorporate a self-tuning temperature controller with thermocouple feedback and SCR power control to provide highly stable set-point control. Low heater airflow safety switches are incorporated to prevent heater burnout. These stations perform high quality balloon and tubing bonds, lap joints, tube necking and recovery, bifurcations, trifurcations and more.

Hot Air Thermoplastic Tube Bonding

The Premium Method of Bonding Balloons

Laser welding machines are used to connect plastic tubing and ideal for welding of balloon catheters. Laser technology guarantees there is no heat effect on the balloon making it the superior technology for balloon bonding applications. The laser enables customers to minimize the length of the balloon leg because the laser can be accurately focused near the balloon without any risk for the balloon seeing heat that would cause damage or pin-holes. Some applications have balloons legs as small as 0.5mm in length and still capable of achieving 24 Bar rated burst pressure. Laser bonder allows for distal bonding and forming of the tip in a single step process. The same laser can be used for both the proximal and distal bonds.

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Laser Welding

Controlled Compression with Cartridge Heated Dies

Split die thermal bonding machines provide a simple and low-cost solution for a variety of tube bonding applications from R&D to full production.  The split die bonding machine has the ability to perform a wide range of bond widths including highly precise bonds for unique applications such as short balloon bonds and ultra-smooth lap and butt welds.  Heat shrink is typically required to create a smooth transition between the different sizes of tubing.

Applications Include:

  • Butt Welds
  • Lap Welds
  • Balloon Welds
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Resistive Heat Dies

RF Heated Dies

RF bonding applications a stainless-steel die is precisely heated using RF energy.  The stainless-steel dies are sized and designed for each specific application. Heat shrink is not typically utilized for RF applications, but the tooling cannot provide radial compression similar to heatsink. For this reason, RF heated dies are not used for most lap joints, but they are the preferred technology for butt welds. PTFE sleeves can be incorporated into the die to eliminate sticking and increase bond strength.


  • Braid to non-braid butt welds
  • Soft tips (Single step butt weld and tip)
  • Bump (or stepped) dilators
  • Pharmaceutical Rings
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RF Heated Dies

Tube Sealers

The SEBRA® line of sealers use RF to make uniform, quality seals on a variety of tubing sizes without power adjustment by the user. Ideally suited for blood and plasma collection, biopharmaceutical and single use manufacturing applications,  RF technology provides a reliable method for processing precious samples, especially those that are temperature sensitive. The seals are easy to visualize and tear, saving you time and reducing discards. Battery powered and bench-top models are available to meet your needs.

Compatible materials include: 

  • TPE
  • PVC
  • EVA
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Tube Sealers
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Motion-Less Laser Welding

BW-Tec has multiple laser welding models that are designed for versatile welding connections with the ability to produce precise and repeatable results. All of our machines are equipped with advanced technology for enhanced user management and programmed for quick and easy maintenance. 

In the machine 1530 the product is not rotated! The laser beam rotates around the components arranged on a mandrel. This is ideally suited for applications where mandrel rotation is not uniform or when the product is too heavy to rotate at high speeds.

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Braid to Non-Braid Welds 

Butt welds are created when two similar sized tubing are bonded together using axial compression. The resulting bond has a smooth OD transition. 

Butt welds between braided and non-braided tube segments is a frequent application which is well suited for Vante RF bonding equipment. Strong bonds can be created without allowing metallic braid to become exposed on the outer surface. Heat shrink is not required when using Vante technology, so the bond surface creates a very smooth visual transition between the two tubes. PTFE sleeves can be incorporated into the die to eliminate sticking and increase bond strength.

 Learn more about Vante technology and how it is best applied for tube bonding applications. 

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Supporting Tube Bonding Solutions Image
Supporting Tube Bonding Solutions Image

Overlap Joints Made Easy 

Our Hot Air technology is well suited for overlap joints, and in some case thermoplastic butt welds.  With the combination of precise temperature control, a machined thermal nozzle and heat shrink, these systems are capable of yielding high quality overlap joints.  With this proven technology, many customers rely on this equipment to produce high precision, high yield and low-cost solutions for virtually all tube processing needs.  We offer a variety of equipment that is capable of performing numerous foundational catheter manufacturing processes including:

  • Lamination 
  • Heat Shrinking 
  • Tube to Tube Bonding
  • Catheter Tip Forming
  • Stretching 
  • Necking and Flaring

Hot air processes require heat shrink. PET and Silicone heat shrink are some commonly used materials.

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Cartridge Heated Die Balloon Bonder

Split die bonding is a two step process involving pre-shrink of the protective sleeve onto the bond area, and contact heat by means of the heated split dies, each featuring half of the bonding diameter.  By comparison, split die bonding offers a lower cycle time than hot air technology due to direct contact of the heated die with the material.  Additionally the split die configuration provides the advantage of being able to visually align the bond location with the heat zone of the dies. These efficient machines are easy to use, easy to calibrate and easy to validate.  

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Supporting Tube Bonding Solutions Image
Supporting Tube Bonding Solutions Image

Sample Processing and Prototype Creation 

Machine Solutions recognizes the market’s need to quickly produce sample components to prove design concepts and secure high-volume production projects. Our goal is to get initial proof of concept samples into your hands which are representative of our capabilities and close to the final geometry that your project requires. We have invested in dedicated manufacturing, design & engineering capacity focused on providing the fastest possible production of samples for our customers.

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Tube Cutting 

Clean cuts are an essential element of robust bonding processes. A clean edge provides a repeatable melt interface between the two-tube segments which enables  maximum tensile force and repeatable manufacturing results. 

Machine Solutions provides a variety of solutions from simple cutting fixtures to highly automated despooling and cutting machines to meet your budget and manufacturing needs. 

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