Rapid Prototyping Program

Catheter Tipping Rapid prototyping Program

Engineers need to quickly produce sample components to prove design concepts and secure high-volume projects. Our rapid prototyping services get proof of concept samples into your hands so you can quickly move projects forward. Our team of experienced engineers will design and manufacture tooling specifically for your application to produce samples that are representative of […]

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Diamond Pattern for Torqueability & Kink Resistance

There are a number of different kinds of braid patterns designed for different application purposes and complexities. If you’re looking for torqueability, kink resistance or full coverage within your braiding production, you would use the Diamond full load and round wire material. To learn more about the specification about the diamond pattern and other available […]

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Upgrade to The Stainless Steel drive rollers on your IDTE System

Stainless Steel Roller System

The IDTE3000 is the ultimate machine for catheter testing. From guide wires to endoscopes the IDTE3000 can exceed your medical device testing expectations. This machine was designed to perform tractability, pushability, and torque efficiency test to gather meaningful data for your product validation process. With a multitude of options that includes a Vision system; you […]