MD&M Minneapolis – Sept 21-22 – Booth #1705

MD&M Minneapolis – Sept 21-22 Booth #1705
Posted March 1st, 2016 in Exhibitions

Visit Booth # on November 4 – 5, 2015

MSI, Vante,  Steeger USA and PlasticWeld Systems, all Machine Solutions companies, look forward to greeting visitors at Booth #1705 of MD&M Minneapolis on November 4 – 5, 2016. The booth will feature braided catheter manufacturing equipment.

“The unified brands of Steeger USA, MSI, and Vante are a single-source equipment supplier for many of the processes required to manufacture the highest quality braided catheter assemblies,” stated Brian Strini, President, MSI and Vante. “Machine Solutions equipment provides superior product results, manufacturing yields and return on investment.”
Steeger USA offers customized braiding solutions, which add strength, kink resistance, and torsional control to medical device tubing. Steeger USA’s medical series braiding lines are available in horizontal and vertical styles with multiple carrier configurations. These options allow Steeger’s customers to use various braiding materials, patterns, and densities, ensuring the right balance of control and flexibility.

Processing braided catheters presents unique challenges. MSI designed its Vertical Shrinker VS1000 to laminate multiple durometer tubing and heat shrink. The VS1000 features superior, uniform lamination with minimal hot or cold spots.
Vante’s catheter manufacturing technology features precise temperature and heat placement control for catheter bonding and tip forming. This precision control is critical for repeatable processes that produce strong bonds with no braid exposure. Vante also provides engineering support for designing atraumatic tip geometry profiles. In addition to precision controls, Vante equipment features extremely short cycle times and rapid set-up changeover, and since this equipment requires minimal manufacturing support, the return on investment can be measured in months.

Machine Solutions is owned by Forsyth Capital Investors, a St. Louis-based investment firm. Forsyth Capital focuses on making long-term investments in middle-market companies that operate in the capital equipment and component manufacturing sector and the insurance services sector. Forsyth Capital’s investment approach blends private equity fundamentals and significant operational expertise. Forsyth Capital is supported by its strategic relationship with Barry-Wehmiller Group, Inc., a diversified capital equipment manufacturer. This relationship enables Forsyth Capital to offer the value-added resources of a strategic partner while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and autonomy of the portfolio companies’ leadership teams. For more information please visit

More About MSI:

MSI was founded with the mission of providing innovative and effective proprietary mechanical solutions to a variety of complex process, testing and device design challenges. The company has been instrumental in automating manual processes within catheter and stent manufacturing operations as well as the broader medical device industry. For more information please visit

More About Vante:

Vante is a global technology company that designs and manufactures products for the precise manipulation of medical plastics. Vante’s dedicated research and development team designs all of its products and has been awarded more than 50 patents to date. For more information please visit

More About Steeger USA:

Steeger USA provides standard and custom equipment for fine-wire braiding and coiling to manufacturers in medical, micro-electronics, wire and cable, technical textile, and composite materials industries. Steeger USA specializes in fine wire and fibers, producing industry-leading equipment that meet its customers’ diverse product applications. Steeger USA also provides customers access to machines for research and development. For more information please visit