Vante’s Tooling Certification Service

Vante's Certified Tooling Process

Vante‚Äôs tooling certification service is the turnkey solution that ensures the tooling we deliver makes parts that meet your specifications and support your validation activities. Our team of experts certify hundreds of tipping tools annually which produce high quality products at high yields. Learn how our engineers can optimize your product, with recommended process strategies […]

Proper Sealing Techniques

SEBRA Proper Sealing Techniques

SEBRA and Vante are the trusted names in tube sealing for the Cell Therapy, Bioprocessing, and Blood and Plasma collection and processing industries. These sealers make durable, uniform seals on all types of tubing to ensure sterility is maintained after disconnection. Proper techniques are important to ensure that the sealers perform to the best of […]

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Steeger USA;s In-Line Heating Elements

Steeger USA in-line heater

SteegerUSA has experience integrating a variety of in-line heating elements within our braiding system on both pre and post braiding applications. These heaters can be used in applications that require material bonding and mandrel indentation. Our braiders pair well with the MSI Micro-swirl 360 heater nozzles and in some cases clam shell heaters for really […]

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