Harness Braiding Machine

Posted February 25th, 2021 in

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New Reel to Reel Annealing Oven Now Available!

Posted February 10th, 2021 in News & Updates
Steeger USA has partnered with Thermcraft Inc. to produce a brand new Reel to Reel Annealing Oven. Thermcraft is a trusted laboratory furnace manufacturer who specializes in developing high reliability thermal processing solutions for a variety of research application around the globe. The Reel to Reel annealing solution that Steeger USA and Thermcraft have developed [...]

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Capacitive Wire Break Sensor and Hardware Upgrade

Posted December 18th, 2020 in News & Updates

Our specialty wire break sensor utilizes a capacitive sensing device with relay to detect a break on bobbins wound with multiple ends. The capacitive device connects to an adjustable sensing eyris that is set over the braided product. When a single wire breaks and comes in contact with the eyris, the contact is detected, and […]

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