About Machine Solutions

Advancing Lives through passion and purpose

Machine Solutions is the premier provider of advanced equipment and services for the medical device, biopharmaceutical and blood- and plasma-collection industries. We support our customers’ needs and growth by delivering quality and value through a wide breadth of products. Machine Solutions provides proprietary mechanical solutions to a variety of complex process, testing and device design challenges. Our equipment has become the industry standard for balloon catheter pleat and folding, drug coated stent crimping, heart valve crimping medical wire braiding and coiling, catheter lamination, marker band swaging, stent radial force testing, catheter trackability and torquability, stent securement and other medical device manufacturing applications. As a pioneer in radio frequency technology, the company has continued to develop advancing technology for catheter tipping, bonding, flaring, flanging,  hole forming, biopharmaceutical sealing, sterile connecting and disconnecting along with many other applications.

Revolutionizing medical device manufacturing

Our experienced team of engineers has been instrumental in automating manual processes that enable our customers to increase production volumes and profit margins, and we believe in providing a superior customer experience by designating resources to a dedicated aftermarket team that is always ready to provide technical service and process support.

We know that your customers expect the highest quality products. With that in mind we invested in a multi-million dollar machine shop to produce the best parts, Expert engineers to design our solutions, and patented, innovative technology to produce the best results. When you work with Machine Solutions you are working with the best equipment, with tight tolerances and precise controls. You can feel confident that your products will prove superior.

Machine Solutions Teams

The MSI TeamFlagstaff, AZ
The Steeger USA TeamInman, SC
The Vante TeamTucson, AZ
The PlasticWeld Systems TeamNewfane, NY
The MSI Team

The MSI TeamFlagstaff, AZ

Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) was founded in 1999 with the mission of providing innovative and effective proprietary mechanical solutions to a variety of complex process, testing and device design challenges. At MSI it is our practice to work directly with R&D, process, and manufacturing engineering teams to assure the proper tools are in place to meet an organization’s specific technical needs that also guarantee a timely product launch.

MSI is the leading process and testing equipment supplier to catheter and stent manufacturers worldwide. The proprietary MSI segmental compression mechanism provides an even, repeatable radial compression that has been proven for stent crimping, stent loading, catheter balloon folding, and marker band swaging applications. We offer the most advanced, automated and integrated solutions to the medical device manufacturing industry.

MSI is a privately held organization headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona USA. We have satellite sales and technical support offices located around the world to more efficiently service the needs of our clients and customers.

The Steeger USA Team

The Steeger USA TeamInman, SC

Steeger is exclusively customer and market oriented.

Our versatile and extensive production program, always geared to meet customer´s requirements for any application, and the contious innovation in accordance with technical research and development, are the keys to entrepreneur philosophy, resulting in first class quality and dependabillity of our products and excellent customer service.

Cooperation with respectable and qualified suppliers accentuates our dependability and products quality.

Machine Solutions Inc. aquired Steeger USA in December 2014, broadening its reach and bringing combined richness of culture and experience to the company through diversifying market leadership, aligning operational bases and expanding sales and distribution.

The Vante Team

The Vante TeamTucson, AZ

For over 30 years Vante has been a leader in the medical device manufacturing industry. With our innovative technology we are known for our creative solutions and our ability to improve efficiencies and reduce total operating costs.

As a pioneer in radio frequency technology, Vante patented the first hand-held plastic tube sealer more than 25 years ago and continues to be one of the world’s leaders in advancing technology for sealing, molding and welding plastic. Vante is a global company dedicated to the development of innovative technology and quality products for the medical manufacturing and biopharmaceutical industries.

We specialize in four categories:

  • Catheter Manufacturing equipment
  • Biopharmaceutical equipment
  • Industrial applications
  • OEM Solutions

Vante serves more than 500 customers in catheter manufacturing and biopharmaceutical companies.  We work with more than 23 global partners to distribute equipment that improves product quality, process reliability, and production output. Our dedicated research and development team designs all of our products and has been awarded more than 50 patents to date.

Machine Solutions Inc. acquired Vante in September 2013, broadening its reach and bringing combined richness of culture and experience to the company through diversifying market leadership, aligning operational bases and expanding sales and distribution.

The PlasticWeld Systems Team

The PlasticWeld Systems TeamNewfane, NY

PlasticWeld Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision engineered, turnkey production equipment for disposable medical products. Quality, innovation, service and partnership are our watchwords. With over 30 years of experience in the medical device manufacturing field, you can be assured we understand the critical nature of your business and requirements.

Since 1992, PlasticWeld Systems, Inc has been designing a wide variety of innovative production solutions for catheter and medical disposables manufacturing needs. Major OEMs, subcontractors and start-up companies continue to rely on high quality, reliable production solutions from our talented staff. With several hundred systems installed, our track record speaks for itself.

Machine Solutions Inc. acquired Plastic Weld Systems in November 2015. PlasticWeld’s variety of innovative products strengthens Machine Solutions’ current tipping and bonding portfolio. Customers now have a single source for diverse equipment that meets their development and production needs.



BW Forsyth Partners <span>Building a Stronger Future</span>

BW Forsyth Partners Building a Stronger Future

BW Forsyth Partners is a St. Louis based investment firm focused on making long-term investments in middle-market companies operating in the manufacturing and investment sectors. Forsyth’s investment approach offers a balanced blend of private equity fundamentals and significant operational expertise made possible by its strategic relationship with Barry Wehmiller Companies, a diversified capital equipment manufacturer. Because of its unique relationship with an active operating company, BW Forsyth Partners offers many of the value-added resources of a strategic partner, while maintaining the entrepreneurial sprit and autonomy of the Machine Solutions leadership team.

Since becoming the majority shareholder in 2011, Forsyth has provided significant investment in operational improvements and a strategic vision for growth through acquisition. The addition of Vante (2013), SteegerUSA (2014), PlasticWeld Systems (2015) and SEBRA (2017) has created a more stable and vibrant business platform to ensure that Machine Solutions and their team members have platform for continue growth.

Barry Wehmiller <span>Creating a Culture of leadership</span>

Barry Wehmiller Creating a Culture of leadership

Barry-Wehmiller’s ten separate operating companies are a blend of the rich legacies and capabilities of those businesses, offering meaningful work to 12,000+ team members around the world. Through our continued commitment to a shared vision, unrelenting dedication to outstanding products and services, and ardent attention to the people who make our business possible, Barry-Wehmiller has become a thriving $3 billion and growing global industry leader.

Machine Solutions has adopted Barry-Wehmiller’s cultural principles and created a list of Guiding Principles that we strive to meet each day. Open and honest communication, continuous improvement, teamwork, professional development, strong partnerships, wellbeing and balance, innovation and personal growth. Step inside any one of our locations around the globe and you’ll feel it: a culture of care, compassion and human connection. Our commitment to our people-first culture runs deep and has inspired a leadership model that places a priority on improving the lives of the people who make our business possible.